What Is Beauty?


Chaima photographed in Agadir, Morocco, October 2015.

Three years ago, photographer Sara Melotti. was working as a fashion photographer. It was around this time that she had a personal realization: “I realized the work I was producing was contributing to very unrealistic standards of beauty — killers of self-esteem — that made my friends and countless other women suffer.”  With this realization, Quest for Beauty was born. The collection, which includes photographs and interviews with women from around the world, sends a powerful message of self-love. A few of her enchanting photos if you’d like to see..


Chaima and Khadija photographed in Agadir, Morocco, October 2015.



Yoli photographed in Havana, Cuba, March 2016.


Dana photographed in Chichen Itza, Mexico, March 2016.



Marilyn photographed in Hong Kong, January 2016.


Paulina photographed in Mexico.


Laura photographed in the Italian Alps, October 2016.



Leila photographed in Marrakech, Morocco, October 2015.


Ashley photographed in New York City, December 2015.


Thui photographed in Hoi An, Vietnam, January 2016.


Be and Han photographed in Sapa, Vietnam, January 2016.

..if you feel like shit looking at a magazine, don’t buy it! If you feel like you want to cry after watching the news or other stuff on TV, stop watching it! If you don’t like something, say it out loud and do what you can to change it!” There is beauty beyond the Western mainstream, and countless women live by these more varied, more personal definitions every day. Think how different things would be if more people agreed that the “heart is what’s important.” – I love this so much.

More photos (along with interviews!) here.



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