weekend, wonderful.

1– Stage setup at Prince
2– Husband and I, happy as can be at the concert
3– Luca, on our way to visit friends,
4– dressed up for Sunday dinner and
5– with Grandpa and Great Grandma!

I’m usually on the ball when it comes to 
keeping up with concerts but 
I was thisclose to missing out on tickets to Prince.
Despite the fact our seats were way up in the sky
it was the greatest concert I have ever been to.
Hearing Prince live was a dream come true for me
and to say I’m still beaming from it is an understatement.
{And it was a night out alone for husband and I – bonus!}
The rest of weekend was just as enjoyable with
a holiday visit to good friends and
Christmas dinner #1 {of 3} with Charlie’s family.

*1 week until Christmas!  eeeeeee!

xo N

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