weekend bits.


I cherish my weekends, I really do.  And this weekend was especially great.  We spent most of our Saturday lounging around the apartment but made it out just before the sun disappeared for a family walk around the neighborhood.  Saturday night was spent planning our next vacation (Italy here we come!).  We are slightly excited about this.  Sunday we snuck out for lunch, just the two of us, which was lovely.  And randomly throughout the weekend our son performed half somersaults for us.  This seems to be his newest obsession and it makes us laugh every single time because they come out of nowhere.  What a funny little man he is.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy Monday!

xo N  

2 thoughts on “weekend bits.

  1. nadia

    Ooo, I'm not sure I would be the best at a tutorial, but I can definitely tell you what I do.. it's very simple 🙂
    I put my hair in the highest ponytail possible, and i just wrap that ponytail from the back to the front (to the back again) and just tuck the extra bit of hair into the elastic. It creates a nice, full, high bun. This photo was taken hours after it had fallen 😉

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading!

    xo N


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