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I know I am not alone in my thoughts today,
on the ten year anniversary of 9/11.
And I know I am not alone when I say that
there will never be a point in time where
 I will be able to fully comprehend how
this day changed the lives of so many people around the world.

My thoughts are not only with those who lost their lives that day,
but with the families who were forced to go on
 without their loved ones.
And while reflecting on that,
I can’t help but feel more grateful than ever
 for the love that exists in my own life.
xo N

what has passed + what’s ahead.

This was a fantastic week.

Last Sunday marked the 6 month milestone in my pregnancy.
All of the sudden, it seems as though baby is kicking harder and
boy what a feeling it is when he/she shifts.
Last night I spent a good hour just watching my stomach 
move up and down, beaming the entire time.
I was so excited I couldn’t even sleep 🙂

Tuesday night my mom and I ventured to see Wicked.
I can’t even put into words how blown away we were 
by the performance of the entire cast.
With one look at my mom’s face
I knew that my brother’s and I couldn’t have chosen
 a better Mother’s Day gift for her.
It’s a big night for Vancouver tonight
 as we root for a win, here at home, for our Canucks.
As for the rest of the weekend
I am looking forward to spending time with husband,
playing around with our new SLR and
 watching Woody Allen’s new film, Midnight in Paris.

Happy weekend friends!

xo N


Months ago, I debated whether or not
to decorate the accent wall in our bedroom
with wallpaper or solid paint.
We ended up going with paint {which we love}
but I’m kind of crushing on these
funky prints by Rollout.
{How cool is the writing in the first photo?!}
And the company is Vancouver-based.
xo N

december, i love you.

 pretty lights around the city
the anticipation of soft white snow
and the calming silence once it falls..
  christmas movies by the fire
 delicious holiday meals
giving to the ones I love
and those less fortunate.
Like many of you, this is my
favorite time of year.
I feel extremely fortunate every single day
but during this season particularily
I find myself reflecting more often 
and giving thanks for the countless
blessings I have.
xo N

friday love.

This was kind of the longest week ever for me.
Nothing unfortunate took place,
it just so seemed long.
I think it may just be me, anticipating the events 
of this weekend and following weeks.
I have a very special birthday party 
to attend to on Saturday night,
and much like many of you
the next few weeks are filled with
holiday parties galore!

I love this time of year.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

xo N



{Halloween, 2009}

Last year, my best friend Raff, husband and I
attended a Halloween party with some good friends
in a rented out restaurant space.
Husband was a soccer player, I was Strawberry Shortcake and
Raff was.. someone scary?!
It was great times.

This year we’ve decided to stay in
watch some scary films
{perhaps Stephen King’s It?}
and maybe splurge on some candy.
Ok, most definitely splurge on some candy 😉

What are your plans this year?

Wishing everyone a safe
and highly fun Halloween!

xo N