Julian turns two today! Goodness am I crazy about his boy..

Julian and Gia are eighteen months apart (to the date!) and, because of this, I worked for just four months in between their respective mat leaves. This means I’ve been home with Julian, full-time, for pretty much all of his life. I’m so grateful for this time with him and how its bonded us.

Julian is FEARLESS. He is determined, energetic and resourceful. Because of his relentless nature, we sometimes refer to him as a honey badger (ha!). But much, much cuter, of course. He is a fantastic eater, happy to try new foods all the time. Julian can be a bit rough with his things and we are currently working on being more gentle, specifically with books. When he’s not testing his own strength, he is the ultimate cuddle monster. Especially with me. Those sweet moments with him are my favorite.

And so my beautiful Julian, my wish for you is to stay this fearless, determined and curious in life. I hope you’ll always have this same infectious energy about you, the kind that disarms me even when you are up to no good (lol). And even though I selfishly want to freeze time and keep you this way forever, it’s been amazing to watch you thrive. I’m so thankful for you, bear. I love you. xo

Ps. Julian’s 1st birthday and his 3 month old post.




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