things i’ve learnt this week / 08

There is no larger time waster than tv.
A few weeks back, husband and I caught ourselves watching a
marathon of Storage Wars for longer than we’d like to admit.
It’s not like we seek out ways to waste our time –
especially now that the majority of our time is dedicated to baby.
 Our modest sized apartment is filled with books –
books we are dying start and books we long to re-visit.
So, recently we cut our cable down to basic.
(which isn’t really that basic, in my opinion)
Since doing so, the only time we find ourselves in front of our tv 
is to either watch a film or one of the few shows we pvr.
Feels amazing!
There is never a bad time to go back to school.
Leave it to me to finally decide to go back to school 
after I have a baby.
But so what, right?  People do it everyday and they do it very well.
I’m so excited to get back into the classroom..
to challenge my passion, 
grow it,
and share it in ways I’ve always aspired to.

One of my favorite writers, Pia Jane Bijkerk, recently wrote:
If there is one way to be sure you are living in the moment, have a baby.”
Oh how true.
It’s more than just the loss of routine or the zillion other variables
 having a little one brings to your life.
It’s the result of those variables.
Being more present.  More focused.
And for me, much more relaxed.
Moments that slip into hours of pure silliness.
Pure joy.
Those are the moments that put 
everything into perspective for me.

xo N

2 thoughts on “things i’ve learnt this week / 08

  1. Karina Cifuentes

    We did the same thing in our household. Not to watch less TV, but to save money, but since we cut back to basic cable, we're way more active. There really not much worthy of watching on cable anyways! All trash TV. But we watch good films and the occasionally great show (like Breaking Bad and Mad Men!) And congrats about your return to school. Love the idea of constantly learning!

  2. Rosa

    So happy to read about your decision to go back to school. I went back when I was 29, met lifelong amazing friends and fond memories(and a new career hello). Best of luck!


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