things i’ve learnt this week / 07

I need to carve out a little more “me” time.
I realized this a few nights ago as I was forcing myself
to stay awake despite the fact that it was close to 2am.
I was exhausted and as all new moms can relate, needed to sleep
but I really wanted time to myself.
 Just me. In silence. Doing nothing important.

I’m aware there are mothers out there that go months,
even years without taking a second for themselves.
And while my hat goes off to them for being so unselfish,
I have to admit, I feel very unbalanced (and a bit crazy)
 without a few moments of idle time to myself.
And so, my goal is to take a couple of hours, once a week
 to just be.
I’m confident I will be a better mother for it.

A little compassion goes a long way.
I am reading The Art of Happiness for the first time and
it’s inspired me to practice compassion in ways I never thought to.
Only positive things have come from doing so –
not only am I seeing things from a
 fresh (and more positive) perspective
but I am experiencing a deeper connection 
with others and within myself.
Babies bring people together.
A dear friend of mine wrote those exact words to me
a few weeks before Luca was born.
I was going through some stuff at the time and
reading that made my heart swell with hope.
Babies really do bring people together –
strangers, friends, family.. 
whether you were close to begin with or not.
They reminds us how amazing this gift called life is.
They remind us to celebrate it and each other

xo N

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