things i’ve learnt this week / 06

I love my body more post baby.
I realize this may be a surprising statement to some 
but I have a feeling that there are many mothers out there
who share this same feeling.
I had never been more in tune with my body than during
 those precious nine months of pregnancy
{Side note: I loved being pregnant!}
The entire experience made me appreciate
 – among other things –
the gift of good health.
Since becoming a mother,
I’ve become more committed than ever to staying healthy.
 And while I’ve always made a conscious effort to eat healthy, 
 for the first time in years
I’ve successfully integrated exercise into my daily routine.
It’s quite a wonderful feeling to be able to
 fit comfortably back into your pre-pregnancy clothes
but at the end of the day,
it’s how I feel inside
that is making me the happiest of all.

Friends are meant to come and go in life.
It is always sad when you lose touch with a good friend.
For some reason or another distance has taken form –
sometimes it can be fueled by words, other times by silence.
Most of the time it’s as simple as
 two people embarking on different paths,
no longer sharing common ground.
Change is happening to each of us,
in different ways, every day.
And while it’s sad to grow apart from those once considered dear,
these shifts will almost always bring new friends into your life –
friends who are on a similar journey, 
friends that you can learn from and grow with.
Just as you did with the ones before them.
Because in the end,
 it’s not so much about how long a person was in your life for, 
but rather the impact they made while they were there.

xo N

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