things i’ve learnt this week / 02

I miss cooking.
Saturday night husband and I had some friends over
for a little dinner party.
I made my infamous meat sauce,
slow cooked for six hours, served on top of pappardelle pasta.
It’s always so satisfying for me to have my husband
compliment me on a dish I’ve prepared 
as he does most of the cooking in our home
(and is fantastic at it).
I’m excited to get back into the kitchen more
and practice the many delicious meals my mom
taught me as a young girl.

As beautiful an experience as pregnancy is, it can be hard.

You’re hungry.  You’re nauseous.  You’re tired.  You can’t sleep.
You’re dizzy.  You’re happy.  You’re weepy
Baby kicks and you are ecstatic!
Baby hasn’t kicked in a few days and you worry
(I know, so silly!).
And despite how cool your apartment can get by
simply cracking open a window,
the only time it’s cool enough is when the air con is cranked
(and poor husband becomes an icicle).
And this is just five and a half months in!

Don’t under estimate the power of breathing.
It’s so easy to get caught up in a not so great moment and
turn that moment into hours – sometimes even days
of frustrated energy.
Admittedly, this was the case for me this past week and
 it came to a point where I literally had to remind myself
to breathe –
get some fresh air, close my eyes and
 concentrate on that moment.

It worked 🙂

xo N

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