things i’ve learnt this week / 01

I have the most wonderful friends.
  Of course, I’ve known this for quite some time but its become
 more evident as of lately.
The unconditional support and encouragement my
 friends give me is unbelievable.
A few years back, I couldn’t say that about
 the people I was  surrounding myself with.
To have such warmth and positivity in my life has 
done wonders for my soul.
I am so grateful for each and every one of you, 
so thank you friends 🙂

I can be very hard on myself at times.
  I have a tendency of placing
 ridiculous expectations upon myself,
particularily in my professional life.
Within the first few weeks of being in this new role
I expect myself to learn everything and perform at
 a level that just isn’t realistic nor expected at this point.
Taking a little bit of that pressure off has gone a long way.
 (I say a little bit because it’s important to have a
 healthy amount of urgency and drive :).
  Now, at the end of each day, 
instead of thinking about all the things I have yet to master
I reflect upon what I’ve learnt and accomplished so far.
For the first time in a long time, 
I’m really taking pride in the work I do.
  It feels great!
Just four months into my pregnancy and
 I feel this incredible bond with my baby.
Of course it’s not surprising to me that I
 already love our baby so much.
It’s more about the kind of love I feel.
It’s none other than I’ve ever experienced.
  I can’t even imagine how much it will grow during the
 remainder of the pregnancy,
after the birth and
 for the rest of our lives!
  It really is unbelievable.  What a blessing.
What are some things you’ve learnt about  yourself lately?

xo N

3 thoughts on “things i’ve learnt this week / 01

  1. Des

    A very well-written, honest post. Ambitious people always put pressure on themselves so I always see that as a good thing. And your remarks on motherhood are excellent. You should keep a personal video diary of your feelings and experiences during your pregnancy, and keep it just for yourself. My cousin did that and she said it was a very cool and enlightening experience.

  2. Bruna

    I loved this post. You shared so much more of yourself and at a deeper level. I love reading more about you and your thoughts and feelings:)))


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