the past two weeks.

The past two weeks have been some of the most exhausting days we’ve had in months.  After two weeks of negotiation, we have sold our apartment and will be moving into the most charming little house.  It’s a big step for us, moving out of downtown (even if it is just a ten minute drive away).  We have so many great memories in this area that have seen us through every step of our relationship.  I’m really going to miss it.

But then I think of this new home of ours.  The old hardwood floors. That beautiful white mantel.  The little nooks here and there.  The lush garden that circles the yard.  This will be the home that makes up Luca’s first memories.  It will be the home of his first bedroom and first backyard.  He will have multiple rooms to play and explore in.  Enough space to keep a real Christmas tree.  And while I am so excited for every last one of these things, it’s what they will mean for our son, that makes me happiest.  Life is pretty good over here. 

xo N

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  1. Brandee

    How exciting! It will be hard, I felt that way when we left our first place too, but you will love your new place and will have many amazing new memories there. Congratulations!


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