the long and short of it.

I’ve always been a fan of a short skirt.
Growing up, while my girlfriends’ were
 baring their mid-drifts and pumping up their cleavage,
I opted to keep my top half covered and show a little leg.
These days, I’m starting to gravitate to a longer length.
I especially love loose flowy looks similar to the photos above.
And while I still love to sport the perfect mini once in awhile,
nothing feels more feminine than beautiful light fabric
 tickling your feet.
xo N

2 thoughts on “the long and short of it.

  1. Bruna

    I like the skirt in the second pic! As for MY favourite, long or short? I'd have to say short. When you're short in height to start with, you don't sport the long skirt very well. Lucky for you, you have long, slim, sexy legs!!!!

    Love ya …


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