studio style.

I”m always on the hunt for home decor ideas.
Living in a 550 sq ft apartment,
I’m constantly seeking out inspiration on how to
 maximize the space we have.
Recently, I stumbled across photos of Paul’s 350 sq ft studio
apartment in Manhattan’s Financial District
via Apartment Therapy.
He’s managed to make his small space
unbelievably stylish and livable at the same time.



His motto?
Decorate like your clothes and dress like your bed.”
I especially love the stacked books against the red wall.

More photos here.
xo N

3 thoughts on “studio style.

  1. this free bird

    He's done such a great job utilizing the space in that apartment. It doesn't feel squishy at all and best part? zero clutter. Less space forces order…I truly believe that. You can't collect junk b/c you can't house it!


  2. Terra

    I really like the pedestal table in the bathroom. Looking at small space photos on apartment therapy is what convinced me to give up my (equally small) one bedroom for my studio that I have now.


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