space between.

Recently I’ve become a bit of an insomniac, a fact I have surprisingly embraced.  There is something about these nights, being alone with my thoughts, that I find comfort in. It takes me back to a time when I’d spend endless nights writing into the morning. I would always write next to a window and often still do.  It’s such an important thing to have isn’t it?  Space and time for yourself.

Of course these nights I’m not completely alone.  I am happily in the company of little baby kicks {ok, maybe not so little anymore}.  As much as I can’t wait to hold our little one I can’t help but already feel a bit of nostalgia for this time when it’s just the two of us. Nine months later, I still marvel at every movement.  That feeling never gets old.  It’s a feeling I want to stay with me forever.

xo N

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