snippets of home.

1- A few of my coveted illustrations. 2- The rustic chandelier I had to have despite husband not being able to walk under it. 3- Open bookshelves filled with prized possessions. 4- The newest addition to our living room. 5- Affirmations kept visible on our washroom sink. 6- Buddha + home of my necklaces. 7- A glimpse of the antique mirror I recently purchased + more jewelry storage. 8- Nightstand with ring holder from here. 9- The only perfume I’ll ever wear {Coco Chanel + Allure from Chanel}

xo N

7 thoughts on “snippets of home.

  1. nadia

    Thank you ladies!

    @Anna – My husband is 6'2 and our ceilings are quite low 🙂
    Don't feel so bad about Anna Karenina, that novel took me forever to finish!

    @Rosa – LOVE Twilight. It's my guilty pleasure 😉

  2. Rosa

    I have the sudden urge to go shopping. 😉 Love these pics of your home…oh and do I spy 'Twilight' amongst your collection of novels. LOVE!


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