sixteen months.

 This boy’s new favorite place to sit is under our kitchen bar stool.  I found him there one day after searching for him in the suspicious silence.  At sixteen months old we continue to wait for his first steps.  It’s something I can’t wait to see, but also something I can’t even imagine.. like all of his milestones.  

Like most sixteen month old babies, Luca is starting to test his limits and while I know it is crucial to start disciplining, let’s be honest here – I am terrible at it.  No amount of pleases seem to soften the word “no”.  And I’m pretty sure diving in with hugs and kisses after I say it doesn’t help drive my point across very well.  A work in progress I am.
But this age is just so wonderful that most days I wish I could freeze time.  I would say Luca is more of a Daddy’s boy right now (the way he follows Charlie around!) but when he is tired enough to let someone cuddle him, he is all mine.  And the way he will rip a book right out of any one’s hands (mid-read), and crawl it over to me so that I can read to him.. well, nothing is sweeter than that.  Except him, of course.  Even with that mischievous grin on his face.  I love that grin.  And I love him.
xo N

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