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things i’ve learnt this week / 09

I may be more of a crybaby than my infant son.
Saturday night marked the third time (in seven months)
 that Luca spent the night away from us.
It also marked the third time I cried so hard, 
you would have thought someone had died if you saw me.
Never did I think I would be that crazy emotional –
especially when he is in the safe care of his grandparents.
It’s amazing this thing they call motherhood..
one minute you are dying for just a moment to yourself 
and when you get an entire night, you can’t even enjoy it!
Some of the greatest opportunities come
 with the greatest sacrifice.
It can make for a very tough decision at times.
Over the years I’ve become better at
 focusing on the first part, rather than the latter.
Because in the end, the sacrifice is usually minuscule compared to 
where the opportunity will take you.

Relationships are forever evolving.  This is a good thing.
Recently Charlie and I found some old videos of us
 I’d taken with my phone when we first started going out.
They were short and extremely silly but boy
could you see the young love in our eyes.
For a second I felt a little sad watching them.
I remembered that feeling you get when you first start dating
someone you really like. 
So wonderfully consuming. 
And then I started to think about the
 past five years we’ve spent together.
The challenges. The triumphs. 
The kind of love we’ve been blessed with.
Our relationship may evolve, but the love remains constant.
And there is nothing sad about that 🙂

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xo N

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things i’ve learnt this week / 03

A body pillow is essential during pregnancy.
As is a loving and attentive partner.
I’ve always appreciated how attentive my husband is but
 I don’t think I’ve been more grateful for him
 than during this pregnancy.
I’ve heard women many a time utter the words,
Men will never understand what a woman goes through.”
Ok.  Maybe not literally, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t
empathetic, patient and attentive to our needs.
Almost every day my husband tells me what a great job I’m doing
 carrying our baby and each time I remind him that
 his love and support plays equal parts in it  all.
I love you husband 🙂

Nothing brings me more joy 
than connecting with people.
I’ve always known this makes me happy,
I mean who doesn’t love the power of connection?
But I think as we get older and more mature
we tend to connect with people on a deeper level
which in turn, satisfies us in a deeper way.
It’s more than being content, it’s the joy of being understood.
It’s what I love most about writing –
the idea that someone, somewhere
is relating to you in some kind of way (and vice versa).
It’s a beautiful thing.

Like anything in life, maintaining a positive mind frame requires practice.
A comment I receive most about my blog is
 how positive the undertone is.
It has taken a significant amount of time to teach my mind
 to weed out the negative and focus on the positive.
 Our minds will never be perfect, we will have off days where 
 a particular thought will take over us for longer than we’d like.
The important thing to know is that we have the tools,
 within ourselves, to turn that around.
And eventually, with enough practice and reflection, 
we can start to see things as they really are –
not so bad after all.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.

xo Nadia