Quantity, Quality and Time.




I recently read this essay in The Times and it’s been on my mind ever since. Many of us are striving for quality over quantity, but when it comes to the time we are spending with our loved ones,  Bruni makes a good case for quantity. I’m currently in month three of a year-long maternity leave and even with work out of the equation, I still find myself contemplating whether or not I am making the most of my days with my family. I found this particular excerpt of his quite comforting:

Couples move in together not just because it’s economically prudent. They understand, consciously or instinctively, that sustained proximity is the best route of the soul to someone; that unscripted gestures at unexpected junctures yield sweeter rewards than scripted ones on date night; that the “I love you” that counts most isn’t whispered with great ceremony on a hilltop in Tuscany. No, it slips out casually, spontaneously, in the produce section or over the dishes, amid the drudgery detritus of their routines. That’s also when the truest confessions are made, when hurt is at its rawest and tenderness at its purest.”

How true.



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