prized possessions.

A few mornings ago
 I tried to power my laptop
{a vital part of any morning routine}
only to have it shut on and off, as if it was possessed
 for about an hour straight.
{It eventually just shut off, period}
Even more scary if you haven’t backed anything up since..
since way too long ago.

Lucky for me my husband is much more patient seasoned
and researched a program to download which 
would save all my cherished possessions
before the dreaded re-format.

Possessions like travel journals, the massive collection of coveted
quotes I’ve compiled over the years, music and
 of course photos.
Photos of the people I live for
 and the moments I cherish most. 

{My everything: brother Nico, mom and brother Daniel}

{Our wedding ceremony and reception photos}

{Husband xx} 
{My best friend Raff and I}

xo N

3 thoughts on “prized possessions.

  1. Bruna

    Love the pic of your Mom and your brothers. Looks likes she's holding on tight to them. So sweet:)

    BTW, you have a wonderful husband in Charlie and both of you are going to make the best parents one day:)

    xoxo B


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