Last week Luca and I had a challenging day.
I try not to complain too much as 
I can count on less than one hand 
how many of these “tough” days we’ve experienced.
But still.
It doesn’t change how overwhelming they can be.

On those types of days I find myself constantly watching the clock
longing for the time when Charlie will walk through the door,
sweep the baby out of my arms and send me off to do
whatever it is that relaxes me.
It’s amazing what five minutes to myself can do these days –
let alone an hour or two!
I think about the single moms (and dads!) out there 
doing it all on their own and
I’m just in awe of them.
It makes me that much more thankful to have you husband –
you are the best partner a girl could ask for.

xo N


  1. Rosa says:

    I often think about single parents too…and am in awe of them. I think the Govt should automatically gift monthly spa treatments to all mothers!! I'll take Spa Utopia please 🙂

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