There is nothing greater than reading a novel, poem, article – anything really, and breathing the words so deeply, it’s as if your own soul has spoken. The urgency to bend pages, underline and highlight in an effort to remember – not just the words, but the feeling of being understood. It’s in those moments especially, that I’m in awe of  just how powerful language can be.

One of my favorite excerpts, from a favorite classic..

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What Is Beauty?


Chaima photographed in Agadir, Morocco, October 2015.

Three years ago, photographer Sara Melotti. was working as a fashion photographer. It was around this time that she had a personal realization: “I realized the work I was producing was contributing to very unrealistic standards of beauty — killers of self-esteem — that made my friends and countless other women suffer.”  With this realization, Quest for Beauty was born. The collection, which includes photographs and interviews with women from around the world, sends a powerful message of self-love. A few of her enchanting photos if you’d like to see..

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