one year.

My baby is one year old today.
I can hardly believe it, even as I write it.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I look at Luca and think back to the very beginning.. far before I even knew I was pregnant, but was convinced something incredible was happening inside of me. I think back to the first time I felt him kick and to this day, nothing has moved me more than that moment. I think back to those restless nights, just a few weeks before he was born.  I would stare at the empty crib beside me, impatient to have him  next to us while a small part of me already started to miss having him to myself. I think about those early weeks, after he was born, the weeks which held most of the hard days.. the days when I would wonder if I could really do this.  Eventually those days would become few and far between, and eventually we would reach today.

Nothing has made me more happy and proud than being Luca’s mom.  This beautiful, healthy, happy boy who fills our home with so much joy.  Luca, there was a time when I didn’t think my heart would ever be filled the way I longed it to be, but having you here with us has changed that.. and so much more.
Happy first birthday my angel.  I love you.

xo N

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