no place like home.

1– Luca mesmerized by his new play mat
2– Decorative paper purchased from my favorite store in the city
for a home project I am working on
3– Truth that now occupies the wall above our kitchen sink
4– The newest edition to our already stacked coffee table,
a beautiful horn magnifier

I love our home.  It is the first apartment that husband and I 
have owned and by far the coziest we’ve ever lived in.
We’ve put a fair amount of attention and care into our space,
painting, replacing the flooring
 as well as a few other small renovations.
I find, however, it’s the little, inexpensive pieces
 {like the above plaque I found for $2.99!}
that don’t just occupy wall space but
instead reflect the love within these four walls.

Because at the end of the day, 
home is the people you love and cherish most, isn’t it? 🙂

xo N

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