looking up.

Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like everything is going wrong?
  It starts out with you running late for work,
forgetting something at home and
a series of other things going wrong, like a domino effect?
That’s me today.
{via here}
I read somewhere once that it’s all in our minds –
that one inconvenience does not necessarily set in motion
 a series of them
{although today, I may argue that a bit}
Nonetheless, it can only go up from here right?
I have an evening of relaxation planned –
including curling up with the novel I’ve just started,
Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox.
He makes me so proud to be a Canadian and he’s
just the inspiration I need to snap out of my bad day funk.

N, xo

One thought on “looking up.

  1. this free bird

    oh nadia. i feel your pain. that was me yesterday. and the day before. by the time last night came i was on the verge of snapping (and kinda did). here's looking to friday!!! hang in there, my friend 🙂



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