looking in / 08

Being on mat leave means two things for me: A year (full-time) dedicated to my family and re-arranging our apartment a zillion times. Spending more time at home lends itself nicely to a favorite hobby of mine: interior design. The apartment above (rented by Madelyn Baker) was recently featured in Apartment Therapy and it has several elements I’d love to incorporate into our space. In fact, every last corner to me is perfection. I love the simplicity of crisp whites mixed with just the right amount of shabby chic. When asked what’s the best advice she can give when it comes to decorating a home, Baker said, “Tell a story, open your eyes and explore the world and all it’s objects. Think drama and composition… Then come home and add a new element, but always take something away so that your vision stays true and focused.” I just love that. More on the space and Baker here.

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