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life lately.

Life lately has been busy.  The good kind of busy.  The kind of busy that leaves you little time to reflect on just how you managed to survive such a grueling day.  I won’t lie, I am exhausted.  Between working full time, school and pregnancy, any second I have free you can bet I am napping.. somewhere.  I have such a great appreciation for the men and women who do this sort of thing and seem to do it effortlessly (and on a much greater scale!).  When I start to feel overwhelmed, these are the people I think of.  They keep me inspired.

Going back to school has done wonders for my spirit.  As intense as my schedule feels, I look forward to class.  After a long day of taking care of clients, staff and various projects, it feels good to know that my day will be ending in a place where I am taking care of myself.  A place where I am free to express, create and share in the best way I know how.  It’s scary, exciting  and liberating all at the same time. 

Up until recently, I’ve been extremely hard on myself for not going back to school sooner. I’m grateful for the things I’ve been able to accomplish in my career but I’ve never allowed myself to feel proud.  My focus has always been on what I haven’t done.  Only now am I realizing that I had to truly feel it to do it.  Something clicked in me.  Something stronger than anything I had felt in the past and here I am, finally going for it.  In the end, isn’t that all that matters?  That is what I hope to teach my babies, that it is never too late to go for it.  Especially when you feel it that deep in your soul.

xo N