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things i’ve learnt this week / 04

Books are my happy place.
I’m not one of those people who can
 recount every detail of their childhood but
most of the memories I can recall are ones
of my mom reading to me.
I can even remember feeling a sense of awe
 after each story had ended.
Today, I regard that feeling of awe as discovery.
Because that is really what reading is –
it’s discovery time and time again.
Discovering our world, both outside and personal.

To attain complete happiness,
you have to let go.
It’s more than just being over something and feeling fine.
It’s about matching up the words you speak with
 the the truth within you.
Sometimes this happens through the act of forgiveness,
other times through acceptance.
Whatever the case,
the moment your heart catches up to your mind
your freedom will come.

Celebrate your loved ones every single day.
We’ve all lost loved ones in our lives
either through a passing, a falling out or by
  simply losing contact.
Understandably, this can be hard to get over and
the loss can sometimes take your entire focus.
While it’s important to honor and/or reflect on who has
left your life,
it’s equally important to not lose focus on who is still in it.
These days, especially, I feel incredibly blessed 
to have the family and friends I do and
even if I sound like I broken record
I intend to tell them this, every single day.

xo N