let there be light.

{Installation by Gabriel Dawe, created for Miniartextil}

It’s been a dark few days in light of the tragedy that occurred in Newton, Connecticut on Friday.  I have nothing special to add to the conversation.  Like each of you, I am consumed by emotion – sadness, defeat and anger.  This conversation, like many before, has quickly turned into a heated debate and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that there were times when I’ve been thisclose to weighing in with a view point of my own.  It can be a bit of a struggle when these types of things happen because on the one hand we need a conversation like this to happen, but on the other hand, we want some sort of peace for those who have passed as well as for their grieving families.  My sincerest hope is that this expression we are sharing with one another sparks some sort of solution.  A legitimate, long term solution.  We may never share the same view point, but we do share a passion for our world.    A peaceful one at that.

xo N

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