just do right.

Saturday morning,  as we were getting ready to embark on a walk around the city, I started to channel surf until I came upon Oprah Presents Master Class, featuring Maya Angelou.
A fan of Ms. Angelou’s work, I set the remote down  with the intention to watch only a few minutes. Forty minutes later, moved to tears, there I sat watching the closing credits.

To recount each word she spoke that struck a cord in my heart would turn this post into a novel. There was, however, one part specifically that made such an impact on me. She spoke about “doing right”, about being the best person you can be.

You know what’s right.  Just do right. You don’t really have to ask anybody. The truth is, right may not be expedient. it may not be profitable,
but it will satisfy your soul.”

I found such meaning in those words especially now, at this time of my life, as we prepare for this new addition to our family. I found myself reflecting on who I am today and all the ways I hope to grow, to be the best teacher I can be for my child.

I live for those moments of inspiration. Thoughts that challenge or push you a bit. Words that ignite the passion that rests in each and every one of us.

xo N

2 thoughts on “just do right.

  1. Terra

    It's amazing how things we know and words we've heard before, spoken by a certain person, can resonate so much louder in us. I love that. Maya Angelou is definitely one of those people.

    Great words. Maybe I'll post that in my classroom 🙂


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