Julian Luna.

Our new cuddle bug, Julian Luna is one week old today! This first week with him has been amazing in so many ways. Having gone through the whirlwind newborn stage before, it makes all the difference when you really know what you are in for 😉 Feeling that confidence right off the bat has made me slightly less emotional (slightly) and has allowed me to keep a more positive mind frame throughout this exhausting (but very special) stage. We are really enjoying getting to know this second son of ours 🙂

Any emotional outbursts I’ve had have been more around Luca than anything else. The first three or four days I felt like I missed him so much! How silly when he is literally by my side every moment of the day (and I mean every moment). It’s that mom guilt creeping in (don’t you hate that moms?). I feel this incredible guilt if I am not able to hug, kiss or play with him right away because my hands are full with his new baby brother. And it’s not like he complains if he has to wait a minute or two or five – it’s me having the issue. Luca may not understand who this new little guy is exactly, but he seems to be dealing with the change quite well. He kisses Julian’s head often (melt my heart) and if I ask him to help me with the baby, he seems very interested in doing so. Once in awhile, however, he will say, “All done!” and sign for me to put Julian down. Haha. Baby steps 😉 I know it will all fall into place very soon. 

I’m also very lucky to have a mother who is here to help me while I slowly figure out how to juggle these two little ones. She is also very good at keeping me in check (ie., forcing me to stop doing housework and take a nap – why is that so hard for me to do?!!!

All in all, I am feeling very blessed. For many things, but especially for family. Life is really good right now, and it will only get better once my sleep returns 😉

xo N 

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