John Cage: On bringing change.


“I noticed…you get into a taxi and very frequently the poor taxi driver is just beside himself with irritation. And one day I got into one and the driver began talking…accusing absolutely everyone of being wrong…and I simply remained quiet. I did not answer his questions, I did not enter into a conversation, and very shortly the driver began changing his ideas and simply through my being silent he began…saying rather nice things about the world around him…

My notion of how to proceed in a society to bring change is not to protest the thing that is evil, but rather to let it die its own death…I think we can state that the power structure is dying because it cannot make any inspiring statements about what it is doing. I think protests about these things…will give it the kind of life that a fire is given when you fan it, and that it would be best to ignore it, put your attention elsewhere, take actions of another kind of positive nature, rather than to continue to give life to the negative by negating it.” – John Cage


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