{Milan, 2006}

In less than two months, husband and I are going to Italy!!!!

Most people would be surprised to learn that I’ve been to Italy a handful of times but have never been as far as the towns my parents were born.  I had a brief stay in Milan a few years back but a series of unfortunate events kept me from having the kind of experience I had hoped for.  I have been blessed with travels that have taken me to several countries in Europe, but my heart has always longed to see Italy.. the way it’s meant to be seen.  

And here we are, tickets booked!  It’s pretty much all we can talk about around here.  Sliiiiiiightly excited.  Nothing revives the soul quite like travelling, and there is no one I’d rather see the world with than my husband.  He is really fun.  And I love him.

Let the countdown begin!

xo N

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