if my son could speak (or rather, be understood).

Last Sunday my brother kindly offered to babysit Luca for the day while my mom, husband and I visited the Seattle outlets.  As I was speaking to him the night before about all the little things a mother obsesses worries about, he said, “Just write me a list of everything I need to know.”  This is what I came up with.

A little about me.. by Luca.

I answer to the following names:  Mister, little sweets, my love, my sweet angel, as well as my sweet angel baby (all from my mother, clearly).

Food is very important to me.  In addition to snacking throughout the day, I enjoy a “meal” every two hours.  And yes, I will only eat that meal if it’s in a particular bowl.  I’m a particular person ok?

Go ahead and leave my sippy cup out, but I’m telling you now I’ll never drink from it.

Most of my stories are told while standing on the couch.

You may need to sing me a song while dancing in a ridiculous manner to prevent me from running away mid-diaper change.  When you finally do get to the point of changing my diaper, please be generous with the baby powder.  My mother insists this is why I’ve never had a diaper rash.
It’s pretty much a guarantee that I will yell “BA!” (bath) whenever I hear running water.

I am allowed to explore every room of the apartment freely, however, please check in should you hear any suspicious silence.

Lastly, I will make you read any book, a zillion times if you let me!

Hey Luca, we love you.

xo N

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