here comes the sun.

I’m not going to lie,
this was not one of my best weeks.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t help but
feed that negative weed in your mind.

Lucky for me I have an amazing husband and
great friends to pull me out of my neurosis.

And of course, there is always music.

That special song that soothes whatever hurt you may be feeling,
uncovering the light that was there all along.

With that said, I am more than ready to
 enjoy the long weekend ahead.
We have a couple of family dinners planned and
 date night Saturday night 🙂
What are your plans this weekend?
I would love to hear!

xo N

3 thoughts on “here comes the sun.

  1. stephanie j

    you are so right. sometimes you just can't shake the negativity, no matter what…but there are few bad things in this life that a beatle's song can't make better 🙂

  2. Rosa

    Love this song (it's one of our 'wedding video' songs and always reminds me of our wedding). Lots of eating planned for Easter weekend!


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