happy birthday mama.

Thank you for setting the best example of what a mother should be.

Thank you for reading to me as a young child. I do believe I owe my love of words to you.

Thank you for telling me (almost every single day for the past thirty-three years) that I am beautiful. Especially during times when I felt anything but.

Thank you for years of mother-daughter shopping dates. They have and always will be my favorite.

Thank you for always putting your family’s needs first. I will never know another person more selfless than you.

Thank you for your wisdom and advice over the years. I may not always take it but your words and opinions are the ones I value most.

Thank you for the kind of laughter and silliness that brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you for making birthdays and holidays so special for our family. I still feel the same excitement for it all as I did as a child.

Thank you for your forgiveness.

Most of all, thank you for making me feel safe enough to come to you with anything. Having you to confide in, without fear or judgement, has made all the difference in my life.

I love and admire you so much Mom. Happy birthday. xo

One thought on “happy birthday mama.

  1. Vali

    awww i love how you write, i don't understand all words but the meaning… you're such a special person, and your mama, i know, she's too 😉


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