hair care.

Like most women
every three months or so months
I find myself obsessing over the need 
for a new hairstyle.

The last time I was at the salon
my obsession was over blunt bangs.

{Linzi Stoppard via style bistro}

When my hairdresser Tai
(who by the way, is incredible)
refused to make this happen
I stopped in days later to a random salon who did.
When I grew tired of the look a few short weeks later
I realized how well my hairdresser knew me.
(I promise never to stray again Tai!).

This time around it’s not so much
the cut as the color I’m wanting to change.
As I flip through magazines and
peep online for inspiration
I find myself tripping over Hollywood’s seemingly
favorite style, the two-tone look.

I go back and forth with this particular look.

What are your thoughts?

I’d love to hear!

N, xo

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