gwyneth paltrows apartment, tribeca.

Things that work for me:

-the simplicity of white
-the couch swing (come on, we all have our fairytale piece)
-the easel in her daughter’s room
-the closet doors in the master bedroom

Things that don’t quite work for me:

-it doesn’t seem very livable {especially with two kids!}
-the overall feel is much too feminine
-the eating area in the kitchen doesn’t give me an intimate vibe
 which is important, considering how much time is
 spent there entertaining family and friends

What are your thoughts of Gwynie’s pad? 🙂

xo N

One thought on “gwyneth paltrows apartment, tribeca.

  1. Kelly

    I like the white and clean feel of it all! But I'm with you – doesn't seem like kids really live there (especially with those sharp corners!)


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