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My baby girl is one year old today!

From the minute Gia was born, her eyes were wide open, taking in the world around her. Those expressive eyes, I melt every time I look into them.

Gia is a hybrid of her two brothers. She seems older than she is, something I always felt with Luca. She has the same whispy, fair hair Luca had at her age. She has Julian’s curiosity and determination, as well as a little bit of his mischievousness. I would definitely say Gia is a Daddy’s girl (the way she runs to him when he gets home!), but reserves her deliberate, open-mouthed kisses for me. She ADORES her brothers, running speed crawling after them, wherever they go. And they adore her back. Watching the three of them interact fills my heart like nothing else.

Gia, I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful daughter. Every single time I look at you, I’m in awe of how perfect you are. But what’s more is I can feel the beauty that radiates inside of you. A dear friend once said that you would do great things in life. I know this to be true. I love you bug. Happy 1st birthday. x





Our Gia Ysabela is six weeks old today. 
Our daughter. I kind of love saying that.

Gia is a sweet one, let me tell you. And alert! She’s like a little lady, watching everything around her, taking it all in with those big eyes of hers. Just this week she’s started to give us real smiles and coos which means the real fun can now begin 🙂

I’m finding the transition this time around to be slightly easier than the last. It could be due to Gia’s calm temperament (or the fact that I’m much calmer this third time around) but nonetheless, we seem to be settling in quite nice around here. Luca is just smitten with her, giving her kisses all day long. Julian, who maybe wasn’t as welcoming at first (ha!), now loves to touch her, look up at us and smile his biggest smile. Of course, there are challenging times (like when they all cry at once!), but that doesn’t happen often. Not with three children under the age of four. Nope, not often at all 😉

Gia, my sweet baby girl, you’ve made the four of us so happy already. And this is just the beginning! I feel so lucky to call you and your brothers my own. I’m grateful to have had the chance to do this again, to bring another healthy, beautiful and loved child into this world. We love you Gia bug.

xo N