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as of lately..

I feel like we have outgrown our apartment.
Although it makes me sad to think about eventually saying goodbye to this sweet little home we’ve built, the thought of having more than one bedroom kind of excites me.

I miss travel.
Friday afternoon I took a walk around the city with Luca and had flashbacks of time I spent in Europe, specifically Amsterdam. It feels like forever since I’ve been on a plane which makes the anticipation for our upcoming NYC trip even greater. My soul craves that type of discovery and adventure again.

Florence and the Machine‘s Ceremonials as well as Beirut‘s The Rip Tide have taken over my ipod, once again. Great music like that never gets old.

Luca has discovered his feet.
This unfortunately means that bedtime (which for the last 6 months has been promptly at 7pm) is now whenever he can manage to let go of his feet. It may be somewhat of a longer routine getting him to wind down but this new obsession of his is so cute to watch.

oh and..

I’ve been eating a lot of cheesecake
Too much in fact.

xo N

bella gelateria.

My favorite kind of weekend is the one
where you have absolutely no plans.
That was this weekend for us.

In addition to sunshine, 
sleep ins and cooking special meals at home,
there was ice cream 🙂
At the recommendation of my best friend Raff,
husband and I tried Bella Gelateria –
and we agree that this is easily the best gelato in the city.
I had chocolate brownie with limone (lemon sorbet).
Limone is my most favorite flavor – classic Italian
which took me back to my childhood 🙂

xo N

sunday brunch date.

Yesterday was one of those great days.
The sun was shining and
husband and I had a brunch date with two
 of our dearest friends.

We ventured out to Twisted Fork Bistro
one of my favorite spots for brunch.
Nothing goes together better than great food
and being in even greater company 🙂
Later we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day
by taking a walk around the city.
We stopped at a local bookstore 
to pick up some new reading material.
My girlfriend and I picked up Water for Elephants
as we want to read the novel before seeing the movie.
Have any of you read the book yet?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and happy Monday!

xo N


Charlie and I share the same best friend.
(He really is the best ever).
For our best’s birthday, we wanted to take him and 
his lovely girlfriend out for a special meal,
 somewhere the four of us hadn’t been before.
Enter nuba, with it’s delicious, authentic
lebanese cuisine.
My good friend Mila (hi Mila!) recommended it to me
and I’m SO glad she did.

My favorite dish (and believe me, I loved them all)
was Najib’s Special
crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and
sea salt, served with tahini.


N, xo

i can cook, really.

In our household, husband does most of the cooking.
(Ok, maybe all.)
Growing up in an Italian family, I was surrounded by great cooks,
 specifically my mom. 
 She’d always have me standing next to her,
 teaching me every dish.
I stopped cooking once I started living on my own
 and sadly haven’t started up since.

So, in an effort to break out of my non-cooking mode,
 I reached for one of husband’s cookbooks –
 Gordon Ramsey’s Fast Food.
There are some fantastic little recipes in there
 for fast, healthy meals. 
{Photo via here}

One in particular that I’d like to try soon
(and it will have to be soon because husband reads this blog),
 is Ramsay’s receipe for Salmon with Mediterranean flavors –
 salmon fillets with sun-dried tomato, basil, olive and garlic.

The receipe can be found here.




I am a firm believer in the saying, “You are what you eat.”  Unless it’s some sort of special occassion, I am always very concious of what I am putting in my body.  I’m a huge fan of refreshing salads which is why I was delighted to stumble across the Fava Bean Salad With Pecorino and Asparagus, alla Sophie Dahl.
{Photo via Express Night Out}
The receipe is as follows:
(Serves 2)
» 1 cup of baby asparagus tips

» 1 cup of cooked fresh or frozen baby Fava (broad) beans, skins removed (If fresh, they will need to be blanched to remove the skins. You can also use the same amount of drained and rinsed canned beans.)

» A small handful of fresh mint, finely chopped

» 3 tablespoons of good-quality olive oil

» Salt and pepper

» 1/2 cup of pecorino cheese, shaved
Put the asparagus in a pan of boiling salted water and boil for 2-3 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water.
Place the beans and asparagus tips in a small salad bowl and add the mint. Pour on the olive oil and add some salt and pepper. Add the cheese.

Simply delicious!
I will definitely be picking up, “Miss Dahl’s Volumptuous Delights”, by Sophie Dahl.  I love her attitude towards food, and the message she sends in terms of body.  It’s ok to eat a piece of cake ladies.  Just don’t eat the entire thing.
{Photo via Express Night Out}
Beautiful huh?
-N. xx

february fun times.

I’ve been having so much fun lately. I can’t decide what has been more enjoyable – the places I’ve been or the people I’ve been with. A couple of weeks back I finally had the opportunity to experience Rodney’s Oyster bar in Yaletown, with two women who have fast become some of my favourite people to be around. It was a fantastic night of oysters, wine and great conversation.  Last night Charlie and I ventured out to Ginger 62 to meet a few of our friends for DJ Heather.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a night out like that.  One ridiculous track after the next, we danced the entire time. There is nothing I love more than to dance with my husband, whether it is us breaking out into silly dance mode at home, or when we are out and about like last night. It really is in those moments when I feel like the luckiest woman in the world, we just have so much fun together.

{Pre-drinks before Heather}
Next up: Heineken house on Monday, Mark Farina Wednesday and Vegas next Saturday! Life is good.