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Using her iphone 4s, a Fujifilm x 10 or a Nikon Coolpix, art historian Joanna Lemanska uses puddles or shiny objects like mirrors, glass and metal, creating stunning reflective photography.

“I enjoy all kind of reflections and I don’t have any particular preference for Paris. It could be London, Berlin or New York. “It’s just that I live in Paris, so naturally the majority of my photos are taken there. What I’m looking for in reflections are perfect composition and aesthetic pleasure. Sometimes reflections give a unique, aquarelle-like look to the picture. Sometimes they make the image look futuristic and incredible. Shooting reflections is like a playground for me as I really enjoy looking for puddles and slippy surfaces, just to see what kind of different effects they have to offer.” –Joanna Lemanska

More of her beautiful photography as well as details on her upcoming exhibition, Cool Pics from Paris, here.

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