dear, vancouver.

This morning as I got ready for work it felt as though I was getting ready for a funeral. I could sense the silence of the city before I even stepped out the door. I’m sure I speak for the majority of people when I say there was a sad undertone throughout the day.

Tonight, husband and I took a walk to a few of the sites that were vandalized in last night’s riot. For several minutes we stood among people, who like ourselves, were there to pay respect to the hardworking citizens who not only came together to clean the mess but
 ultimately helped mend the spirit of our city.
{Citizens writing thank you notes to the VPD}
I think we all woke up this morning with a broken heart but tonight we can fall asleep feeling proud of our city.

xo N

One thought on “dear, vancouver.

  1. this free bird

    I was really sorry to see that happen in Vancouver. A city filled with culture + the arts, and surrounded by such wonderful nature. So glad to see its sane citizens band together and recover.



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