book report.

A few nights ago, I finally finished reading Anna Karenina.
I had been tackling this novel for months
 even taking a few breaks to
 read a couple of novels in between.
Those of you who have read it know it can be a tough read at times
but undoubtedly worth your while 🙂

I’ve now moved onto the Great Gatsby,
which if you can believe I have never read!
With Boardwalk Empire‘s first season over,
I now have an alternate avenue to immerse myself into
 the “roaring” 20’s 🙂
Dear readers, what are you currently reading?
I’d love to hear!

xo N

5 thoughts on “book report.

  1. Des

    The Great Gatsby is hands down my favorite novel. The themes in The Great Gatsby are timeless and always relevant. I hope you have a great weekend and that your transition to your new role goes smoothly.

  2. stephanie j

    thanks for stopping by my blog! looking forward to reading yours 😉

    currently i'm reading harry potter & the half blood prince…yes huge HP nerd…but have also just borrowed water for elephants and can't wait to start reading!!


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