as of lately..

I feel like we have outgrown our apartment.
Although it makes me sad to think about eventually saying goodbye to this sweet little home we’ve built, the thought of having more than one bedroom kind of excites me.

I miss travel.
Friday afternoon I took a walk around the city with Luca and had flashbacks of time I spent in Europe, specifically Amsterdam. It feels like forever since I’ve been on a plane which makes the anticipation for our upcoming NYC trip even greater. My soul craves that type of discovery and adventure again.

Florence and the Machine‘s Ceremonials as well as Beirut‘s The Rip Tide have taken over my ipod, once again. Great music like that never gets old.

Luca has discovered his feet.
This unfortunately means that bedtime (which for the last 6 months has been promptly at 7pm) is now whenever he can manage to let go of his feet. It may be somewhat of a longer routine getting him to wind down but this new obsession of his is so cute to watch.

oh and..

I’ve been eating a lot of cheesecake
Too much in fact.

xo N

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