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In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’d like to share a recent experience that has deeply touched my heart.  Last Wednesday, I had the honor of visiting the Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC for the first time, where I presented a donation on behalf of the company I work for.  While I knew beforehand this would be somewhat of a special event, I wasn’t prepared for the profound effect the visit would have on me.
I met with children of different ages, some as little as four months old, up to about the age of seven years.  Some were hearing impaired and some were completely deaf.  Some were weeks away from transitioning into our mainstream speaking and hearing world, while others were successfully working their way to that point.  Through the centre’s comprehensive education and therapy approach, these children are learning to listen.  They are learning how to speak, with words.  And goodness are they ever inspiring.
It wasn’t just the children who left me in awe.  The faculty – from the principal to the director to the president – their passion is palpable.  They not only  enjoy what they do, but they love those kids.  It’s such a special thing to witness.  And while they celebrate the many milestones they’ve made over time, they are working hard for so much more.  Every new day is a day of hope, that they will make many more things happen for these children and their families.

Some people are able to do what they love for a living.  That has always been a dream of mine.  While I feel fortunate to have a great job that enables me to take care of my family – I have to admit – being in that school made me feel a way I’ve never felt in my career.  I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it all, in any capacity.

In April I will be helping out at the centre’s annual Sing-a-Long Concert at the Roundhouse Community Centre.  My husband and son are coming with me and I’m so excited for them to meet this incredible family.  Because that is what they really are, a family.  You can purchase tickets here if you like.  You can also read more about centre and its programs here.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  xo N

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