About those resolutions..



2015 was one of my most challenging years yet. Despite this, I will always look back on this year with extreme gratitude for two, main reasons: The birth of our beautiful Gia and my own personal growth.

Whether you are one to make year-end resolutions or not, reflection is something you just can’t help at this time of year. And I have been doing a lot of reflection as I set my intentions for 2016. I’d like to share a few of my personal goals here, if you’d like to read..

  1. WRITE MORE. Once upon a time I used to write every night until I thought my hand was going to fall off (I tend to favor writing in journals over typing on a laptop). While I haven’t completely stopped writing, I certainly haven’t made it the priority I want it to be in my life. I always feel most connected to my core when I write.
  2. DISCONNECT MORE. Like, a LOT more. Especially before bed and when I first wake up. It’s just not good for you, on so many levels.
  3. READ MORE. I go through months where I will read like a maniac and then other months it feels like I don’t have the attention span to focus on a novel for more than a few minutes at a time. Even if I’m reading a few pages a night, that consistency is what I’m striving for.
  4. REACH OUT. I am lucky enough to call the most wonderful people my friends. It wasn’t always like this for me. And while I value my friendships more than anything, I’m not always the best at reaching out. I’d like to change this by initiating contact more.
  5. And finally, ASK FOR HELP. I am absolutely terrible at this, in all areas of my life. This will probably be the resolution I have to work at the most. It’s silly because when someone asks me for help, I feel honored that they trust me with whatever is challenging them and am genuinely happy to be there for them. So why is it so hard when it’s the other way around?

I’d love to know.. what are your resolutions?

Wishing you the happiest of New Years! Be safe out there. xx


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