words / 87 & six months with Luca.

“Making the decision to have a child -it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart  go walking outside your body.” –Elizabeth Stone {A few of my favorite moments captured in the last six months via my phone} Like every mother, I have a gazillion photos of my son on my phone.  Over the past […]

dear luca.

Dear Luca, Merry first Christmas.  At just three months old you already have so much personality.  You make me laugh harder than I ever have before.  I live to see that little smirk of yours, to hear you coo and laugh and I melt every single time your beautiful eyes look up at me.  No matter how hard […]


My baby girl is one year old today! From the minute Gia was born, her eyes were wide open, taking in the world around her. Those expressive eyes, I melt every time I look into them. Gia is a hybrid of her two brothers. She seems older than she is, something I always felt with […]


My first baby is four years old today. How did we get here so quickly? At the age of four, reading continues to be Luca’s favorite activity. He reads everything, everywhere. The other day he was grocery shopping with Charlie and was quite upset when they passed the frozen section and Charlie didn’t pick up […]


    For as long as I can remember, the month of September has always held great significance in my life. In fact, it was on an almost perfect September day that I lost my father. I can remember feeling so betrayed by the sun – the way it continued to shine as darkness flooded my insides. […]


Our Gia Ysabela is six weeks old today.  Our daughter. I kind of love saying that. Gia is a sweet one, let me tell you. And alert! She’s like a little lady, watching everything around her, taking it all in with those big eyes of hers. Just this week she’s started to give us real […]