7 months of brotherhood (and many naps).

When Luca was a baby, I used to have to trick him into napping on me. Don’t get me wrong, he enjoyed cuddling as much as most babies do, but he was also an independent sleeper right from the start. While everyone around me would scream how lucky I was, part of me wished he needed me a little bit more, in that respect.

Julian, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. While he is also content to sleep on his own (it took him a little while longer to get there, but that’s a different post), he remains just as happy (if not more), sleeping on me. Anytime, anywhere. We seem to share a passion for napping and I absolutely love it 😉

About a zillion times a day Charlie and I will look over to each other and silently marvel at how amazing this boy is. Before Julian was born we would joke about what a tough act Luca is to follow (half joke, half serious). And here we are, with two distinct, amazing characters that seem to compliment one another perfectly. Watching their relationship form and grow over the past several months has been one of my greatest experiences as a parent. They bring so much joy and life to into our home and I’m so thankful for them. Every minute, of every day (Well, most minutes 😉

Happy seven months our sweet Julian Luna! You boys are everything to us.  

xo N

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