43 things.

Am I the only person who wasn’t aware of the
fantastic website, 43 Things?

I stumbled upon an article on it 
via zen habits (of course)
and immediately was inspired to make
 my own list of 43 things.
I haven’t been brave enough
to publicly challenge myself yet..
but I will.
You’ll hold me to it right?  🙂

A snapshot of some of the things 
on my list:

write a book
take my mom to the pyramids
be present
explore Italy with my husband
finish my English degree
play violin again
read to those less fortunate
be the kind of mother to my children my mom is to us
practice Yoga and Zen
drink more water
buy only what I need (I’m working on that husband!)

What are some of the things on your lists?

N, xo

One thought on “43 things.

  1. Anna Walker

    Oh my gosh! If you do what you have said on your list, that will be amazing and you'll have so much fun!

    I need to put purple streaks in my hair for fun.
    see Australia, Antartica, Costa Rica, Alaska…lots of places.
    I would like to get married at City Hall before my actual wedding day.
    And of course, have some babies. 🙂



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