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book report.

A few nights ago, I finally finished reading Anna Karenina.
I had been tackling this novel for months
 even taking a few breaks to
 read a couple of novels in between.
Those of you who have read it know it can be a tough read at times
but undoubtedly worth your while 🙂

I’ve now moved onto the Great Gatsby,
which if you can believe I have never read!
With Boardwalk Empire‘s first season over,
I now have an alternate avenue to immerse myself into
 the “roaring” 20’s 🙂
Dear readers, what are you currently reading?
I’d love to hear!

xo N

boardwalk empire.

Husband and I watch the season premiere of
Boardwalk Empire last night.
Props to Mark Wahlberg, now producing two great shows on HBO
(yes, I know it was only the season premiere
 but I deem it great already, okay?).
And, of course, anything Scorsese touches is gold.
{via here}
What I loved most
apart from the directing and the brilliant cast
(talent we’ve seen over the years
and future stars in the making)
is the fact the drama is set in the 1920’s –
something we obviously aren’t used to seeing
on a television series.
I’m so fascinated with the time period,
the politics behind it and
of course, the fashion!
Thank you HBO for continuing to make
 my Sunday nights cool.
N, xo